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Alternative pathways to climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: mainstreaming and integration in development planning and budgeting of local government units

This toolkit is an output of the Adaptation Knowledge Platform’s (AKP) capacity building activities in the Philippines. AKP and its country partner, the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG), facilitated a knowledge building process to enable them to: (1) raise the level of awareness of, and sharpen approaches to climate change adaptation (CCA); and (2) adopt a more transdisciplinary approach in crafting local development plans of the Albay and Iloilo provinces in the Philippines. As part of the process, AKP and ASoG carried out a series of learning dialogues in May 2012. This comprehensive toolkit incorporates findings from these dialogues and presents practitioners a twelve-step process guide to mainstreaming CCA and DRR into development planning.