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Accountability and the new media: Use of ICTs in Governance in India

Citizens across the world are constantly innovating new mechanisms of holding their governments accountable for their actions. One such mechanism that is gaining popularity in developing countries is E-governance. Using two case studies of
Online Public Grievance Redressal Mechanism (OPGRM), namely Online Complaint Management System (OCMS) in the
city of Mumbai and eGovernments Foundation’s Public Grievance Redressal mechanism (eGov-PGR) operational in the
city of Bangalore, this paper seeks answer to the questions – can accountability be mainstreamed in e-governance initiatives? Can citizens use e-governance initiatives to hold government officials accountable? An extensive review of literature including evaluation reports, official documents, WebPages, and news reports were undertaken in order to situate each of these cases in relation to the theoretical framework. Interview with government officials using this system were also interviewed.