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A toolkit to assess proposed benefit sharing and revenue distribution schemes of community REDD+ projects

This toolkit aims to strengthen the ability of community-based institutions to address REDD+ issues, with benefit sharing being a key feature in the design of equitable REDD+ policies and projects at both national and community levels. At present, the term benefit sharing is used in many different ways, making it difficult to identify what the key issues are and the best approaches to solving them. Further challenges arise in how local communities and indigenous peoples can access REDD+ benefits and how negotiation processes are managed. This generic toolkit assists practitioners, civil society actors and policy makers to assess benefit sharing and revenue schemes proposed as part of REDD+ projects. The process of preparing the toolkit involved a literature review, field visits to case study areas from the Mount Elgon Region Conservation Programme (MERECP) and consultations with practitioners and policy makers from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.