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A guidebook on adaptation options for local decision-makers: guidance for decision making to cope with costal changes in west Africa

This publication is composed of ten fact sheets summarising climate change adaptation options for four west African countries: The Gambia, Ghana, Mauritania, Nigeria and Senegal. It hopes to provide local communities and policymakers options, based on cost-effectiveness and human resources available, for the most appropriate techniques and lasting solutions to the impacts of climate change threatening the survival of communities in coastal areas. The suggested options are categorised as follows: three hard engineering options for the construction of more or less rigid defence structures (seawalls, groins and revetments); three softer non-structural options in harmony with coastal dynamics (artificial nourishment of beaches, dune replenishment and mangrove restoration); and four options for integrated management of ecosystems (land management, management of water resources, sustainable community management of fisheries resources and marine protected areas).