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The Mobilising Investment (MI) project for NDC implementation is a 3-year project focused on interventions within seven target countries: Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, Philippines and Vietnam, supported by the German government’s International Climate Initiative (IKI). [more...]


This action research project aims to identify and promote innovative solutions for climate compatible development in small and medium sized cities that are experiencing rapid growth – in order to ultimately improve the lives of the people who are most affected by climate change. [more...]


Future Climate for Africa is a 5-year project that aims to generate fundamentally new climate science focused on Africa, and ensure this science has an impact on human development across the continent, through making infrastructure, urban and rural plans and investments more climate resilient. [more...]

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PROJECT: Promoting climate change adaptation policies - a pilot approach from semi-arid northeast Brazil

CDKN's Action Lab Innovation Fund is supporting a project entitled "Promoting climate change adaptation policies through the integration of multi-stakeholder dialogues and research-led initiatives – a pilot approach from the semi-arid region of northeast Brazil." [more]…

PROJECT: Strengthening climate change knowledge architecture in Nepal

This project will assist Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Centre to reach policy-makers, students and researchers, as well as the community-based organisations and NGOs who are in the frontline of delivering adaptation projects. [more]…

PROJECT: Monitoring and evaluating community-based adaptation

This project will design a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) system for climate change interventions at the ground level. The tool will help to assess the effectiveness of community adaptation projects in Bangladesh, and may be replicated in other countries. [more]…

PROJECT: Strengthening evidence-based policy

The project builds on an EU-funded project currently underway which aims to strengthen the ability of Climate Actions Network South Asia (CANSA) to operate as an effective broker, through capacity-building sessions and grants for research projects. The CDKN initiative will strengthen CANSA’s ability to interact with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). [more]…

PROJECT: Climate change planning in El Salvador - responding to climate risks

The Government of El Salvador, with support from CDKN, is developing a National Climate Change Strategy. [more]…

PROJECT: Assessing Quito's vulnerability to climate change

Using reliable and verifiable information, this project aims to assess the vulnerability of ecosystems, people and their livelihoods, within the city of Quito, Ecuador, to climate change. The information gathered will underpin an adaptation programme aimed at helping Quito become more resilient. [more]…

PROJECT: Integrating climate change into Zimbabwe's economic planning

CDKN supported the drafting of the climate change section for the Government of Zimbabwe's Medium Term Plan (2011 - 2015). The section establishes the need to have a national climate change policy and integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in economic and social development policies and programmes. [more]…

PROJECT: CORDEX-Africa: Enhancing climate change knowledge in Africa

More detailed information exists on the local impacts of climate change in Africa – but it’s unclear exactly how this knowledge can be used to inform policymaking. With leading research centres, CDKN is supporting the development of African expertise to apply this regional data to decision making and ensure it’s relevant to Africa’s knowledge needs. [more]…

PROJECT: Development of an implementation plan for a regional framework for achieving development resilient to climate change

18 CARICOM leaders endorsed the Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change in July 2009 (the “Framework”), prepared by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC). The Framework provides a [more]…

PROJECT: Finding land-based solutions to climate change

CDKN has supported the development of two insightful reports on including land in the climate change solution, researched and written by the Terrestrial Carbon Group. [more]…

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