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The Mobilising Investment (MI) project for NDC implementation is a 3-year project focused on interventions within seven target countries: Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, Philippines and Vietnam, supported by the German government’s International Climate Initiative (IKI). [more...]


This action research project aims to identify and promote innovative solutions for climate compatible development in small and medium sized cities that are experiencing rapid growth – in order to ultimately improve the lives of the people who are most affected by climate change. [more...]


Future Climate for Africa is a 5-year project that aims to generate fundamentally new climate science focused on Africa, and ensure this science has an impact on human development across the continent, through making infrastructure, urban and rural plans and investments more climate resilient. [more...]

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PROJECT: State of public policies collaboration in action workshop and policy brief

The overall project objective was to contribute to improving the quality of public policies and of strategies regarding climate change and development in Latin America by building capacities of decision-makers in [more]…

PROJECT: Latin America and the Caribbean gender training and annual country programme update

Gender Training CDKN has decided that mainstreaming gender in the alliance’s project portfolio is a priority. To do so, it is necessary for all the regions to have a better understanding [more]…

PROJECT: Acting together for bold outcomes, phase 3

Overall project objectives Provide on site technical negotiation support in line with 'acting together for bold outcomes' principles to delegates from the poorest and most climate vulnerable countries. Through providing this support [more]…

PROJECT: A participatory decision making approach towards climate resilient and inclusive urban development in Latin America

Full project title: Climate Resilient Cities in Latin America Initiative- Project -008: “A participatory decision making approach towards Climate Resilient and Inclusive Urban Development in Latin America” Overview CDKN, the International [more]…

PROJECT: Effects of booms-and-bust and climate disturbances on livelihoods and resilience of Small Amazon Delta Cities

This research call focuses on climate resilience in urban contexts, and specifically on small and medium cities in Latin America that are experiencing rapid growth. [more]…

PROJECT: Strengthening journalists' networks for NDC implementation in Latin America

The purpose of the project was to build and increase capacities and knowledge of Latin American journalists in order to improve the coverage of environmental and climate change topics, with [more]…

PROJECT: Learning network on the uptake of climate and disaster risk assessments

The overall purpose of the project was to better achieve informed decisions on disaster risk management and climate change adaptation through a more adequate uptake of disaster and climate risk [more]…

PROJECT: Analysis of potential to support a green economy transformation in Costa Rica

This research project undertook an assessment of the transformation towards a green economy in Costa Rica and identify gaps and opportunities for Costa Rica’s new administration to further enhance the [more]…

PROJECT: Frameworks for water security for climate development: Caribbean and South Asia regions

The regional Frameworks support high-level commitments and aspirations of the Caribbean and South Asia regions to increase investment in water security and climate resilient development. [more]…

PROJECT: Support for the 'responding to climate change in the Caribbean' conference

This CDKN sponsored conference, organised by the Institute for the Study of the Americas (ISA, University of London), the Centre for Caribbean and Latin American Research & Consultancy (CLARC, London [more]…

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