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PROJECT: The Climate Justice Dialogue

Project Reference: AAGL-0041

International climate negotiations are proceeding too slowly and there is a growing sense that the holistic approach they take, where ‘nothing is achieved until everything is achieved’ is continuing to present a stumbling block as approaches to achieving consensus continually falter.

Frustration at the problems caused by these complexities has led to increased recognition that consensus building is an area of climate change which could represent a roadmap towards ensuring that future negotiations (and in particular the 2015 agreement on which so much weight has been put) result in the binding agreements required to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The Climate Justice Dialogue was an innovative initiative held jointly by The World Resource Institute (WRI) and the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice (MRF-CJ) with the aim of mobilising political willingness to build an equitable and ambitious climate agreement by 2015.

CDKN funded dialogues in developing countries, and produced Equity Lessons from Multilateral Regimes for the New Climate Agreement , which examines how equity is treated in a number of multilateral environmental, trade, human rights and international aid agreements.

Project Manager: Fran Walker

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