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PROJECT: Strengthening ICCTF’s capacity to access global climate funds

Project Reference: TAAS-0051

With its legal status as a national climate change trust fund, it is essential for the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) to demonstrate its effectiveness and efficiency as a climate financing portal for Indonesia. For this, CDKN supported the ICCTF in its efforts to gain direct access to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as well as other domestic and international climate funds. CDKN assisted by evaluating the existing gaps in ICCTF’s institutional and fiduciary structure that prevent it from acquiring the status of a National Implementing Entity with GCF.  In addition, CDKN helped develop an operational manual that included recommendations for the ICCTF to bring their policies, procedures, and operations in line with the requirements of the international funding agencies such as the GCF.  Capacity building and training of ICCTF staff was also carried out.

The CDKN regional programme in Asia is expanding in the area of national climate finance readiness support as we deepen our engagements in target countries. This project was therefore well aligned with our regional strategy and has the potential to inform similar work we are planning in other countries.

The project was successful in achieving the following:

  • Enhance ICCTF’s readiness for National Implementation Entity accreditation for GCF
  • Capacity building of ICCTF on the GCF procedures and requirements

CDKN Funding: £150,000


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