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PROJECT: Latin America and the Caribbean gender training and annual country programme update

Project Reference: AALA-0014

Gender Training

CDKN has decided that mainstreaming gender in the alliance’s project portfolio is a priority. To do so, it is necessary for all the regions to have a better understanding of what this involves, starting by setting shared objectives that feed into the network’s theories towards sustained change.

For this reason, the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) team found it necessary to develop a workshop where the team could develop specific objectives and indicators that take into consideration the region’s unique challenges.

Country Programme Update

Given that the team is already getting together for the Gender Training, it was decided to make the most of the opportunity by also dedicating time to updating each of the country programmes.


  • Colombia team: Mathieu Lacoste, Liliana Ramos, and Claudia Martínez.
  • El Salvador team: Gabriela Villamarín and Jorge Rodríguez.
  • Peru team: Mireya Villacís, Miriam Cerdán, and Jorge Villanueva.
  • CDKN LAC Support team: Consuelo Espinosa, Patricia Velasco, Christian López, Daniela Contreras, and Michelle Leppert
  • CDKN London Support team: Christopher Webb, Susannah Fitzherbert-Brockholes, Virginie Le Masson, and Letisha Lunin


  1. The LAC team has developed specific indicators for mainstreaming gender in its country programmes and upcoming project proposals.
  2. Updated LAC Country Programmes for Year 6

Gender Training

  • Reflect on the construction of gender under a social, human and cultural diversity framework.
  • Explore and reflect about the theoretical foundations of gender and gender equality in the context of climate change.
  • Propel a common understanding and actions for gender mainstreaming and gender equality in the region.

Country Programme Update

Progress with an updated version of all LAC country programmes, taking into consideration previous lessons learnt, project results, and countries present needs for carrying out a Climate Compatible Development.

Suppliers: Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA)

Project Value: £4829.44



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