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Integrated Assessment for the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100: Analysis of selected interventions

This open access, online book reports on analysis by the ESPA Deltas project. The project used a model, the Delta Dynamic Integrated Emulator Model (ΔDIEM), to analyse the present and future of the vast Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta in a policy-relevant way in order to benefit ecosystems, livelihoods and people.

A pilot application of ΔDIEM was trialled based on selected proposals in the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, in partnership with the Bangladesh Planning Commission. The new polders in the south central district appear most beneficial both in terms of enhancing incomes and removing people from poverty. However, trade-offs with neighbouring regions due to displaced flooding need to be evaluated and suitable compensatory measures undertaken. The results also show that good maintenance of the existing polder embankments across the region is likely to maintain agriculture and associated livelihoods over the next few decades.

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