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    INSIDE STORY: Building coastal resilience through an integrated approach: Lessons from Ghana

    A new Inside Story on Climate Compatible Development, ‘Building coastal resilience through an integrated approach: Lessons from Ghana’ by Dr Delali Dovie and collaborators at the University of Ghana, describes lessons learned from a CDKN innovation project that aimed to build resilience among Ghana’s coastal communities.

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    REPORT: Ghana: Climate change risk communications framework for coastal urban development policy

    This paper, Ghana: Climate change risk communciations framcework for coastal urban development policy, reviews the capacity building workshops held by RIPS, which took government, NGO and civic representations on study tours to witness coastal erosion and livelihood impacts first hand and discuss solutions.

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    OPINION: Bridging the gaps between climate risk research, community resilience, and policy formulation

    Innovative learning and sharing practices are linking researchers, communities and policy makers, helping coastal Ghanaians become climate resilient.

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    PROJECT: Achieving triple wins – Identifying climate smart investment strategies for the coastal zone

    This project supports national coastal planners and policy-makers in selecting appropriate adaptation and mitigation priorities for the coastal zone, by helping to identify co-benefits and trade-offs.

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