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    PROJECT: Agriculture, Vulnerability and Adaptation (AVA) – A methodology for measuring the vulnerability of the agriculture sector

    Colombia’s agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to climate changes forecast for the coming decades. The nation therefore needs to shape strategies that can enhance the the sector’s resilience to climate change.

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    Agricultura, Vulnerabilidad y Adaptación: metodología para medir la vulnerabilidad del sector agrícola

    Proyecto: Análisis interinstitucional e intersectorial de vulnerabilidad y de adaptación al cambio climático en el sector agrícola de la Cuenca Alta del Río Cauca, Colombia. Código de referenci

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    FEATURE: Project on agriculture, vulnerability and adaptation in Colombia achieves agreement among experts

    CDKN funded project in the Cauca Region held its fourth workshop to identify climate variables and indices to use for vulnerability analysis. Nationwide invitation involved Colombia’s most outstanding specialists and researchers.

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