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FEATURE: Learning about urban risk

In Latin America’s urban environment, how do we discover hidden everyday risks and learn who is affected where, and why? How do we come to grips with the ways in which climate variability can increase the frequency and damaging impacts of small episodic disasters, such as mudslides and floods? Professor Adriana Allen of University College London explores these questions, and more. [more...]

PROJECT: Reducing resettlement and relocation risk

Project Reference: RSGL-1302

Resettlement may reduce urban residents' risk of suffering climate-related disasters, but it can also increase people’s poverty and vulnerability. A CDKN research project investigates which resettlement policies and practices are socially just and truly reduce future climate risks for individuals, urban regions and society. [more...]

NEWS: New research to assess green growth potential of Ethiopia’s industries

In Ethiopia, great progress has been made to mainstream climate considerations into the agricultural and energy sector, but more can be done to integrate climate in the fast growing industrial sector. A new CDKN research project aims to support industrial-sector green growth strategies at a crucial time in Ethiopia’s development. [more...]

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