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Sumernet (the Sustainable Mekong Research Network) is a programme intended to build a long-term research network that informs and influences policy development on sustainable development issues in the Mekong region. Launched in 2005 with support from the Swedish government, Sumernet grew to include 14 member institutes in the first phase and has successfully catalyzed research on a number of critical development challenges in the Mekong region. The Goal of Sumernet is to achieve sustainable development in the Mekong region catalyzed by strengthening knowledge-based policy processes. Phase 2 will continue to contribute to this long-term goal of the region in its new phase of 3 years (2010-2012).

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FEATURE: Researchers seek shortcut to communicating for influence

At a recent workshop in Bangkok, organized by CDKN partner SUMERNET, its researchers had the opportunity to engage with two key groups of stakeholders: policy makers and journalists. They gained useful insights into how to make their research more useful and accessible to policy makers and the public. SUMERNET researchers share their experience of the workshop in a blog. [more...]