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OPINION: After Paris – Developing countries look first to their own resources to deliver agreement 

How are developing countries responding to the high ambitions in the Paris climate agreement? CDKN’s Sam Bickersteth and Mairi Dupar report on the diverse perspectives among countries where CDKN is supporting national climate plans and their delivery: includes insights from India, Ethiopia and more.

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OPINION: “You cannot turn back from Paris” – Sam Bickersteth

Sam Bickersteth, Chief Executive of CDKN, has led this global alliance of southern and northern organisations delivering innovative solutions for climate compatible development since 2011. Here, he talks about the Paris agreement and its implications for developing countries: where do we go from here?

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OPINION: Green Climate Fund Board sets itself on even keel for 2016 decisions

The Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) latest Board meeting took place in Songdo, South Korea, from 8-10 March 2016. CDKN’s Christina Elvers observed the proceedings.

FEATURE: Development experts recognise rising importance of climate change

At PwC’s annual International Development Conference in London, development experts agreed that the Paris climate conference was a game changer – making it more likely that climate measures will be integrated in development plans. Heather Lynch reports.

OPINION: COP21 draws to strong end with adoption of 1.5 degree goal

A landmark global agreement on climate change was adopted in Paris last night. Kiran Sura, CDKN’s Head of Negotiations Support, Sam Bickersteth, Chief Executive, and Mairi Dupar, Global Public Affairs Coordinator, take stock of the Paris agreement and what comes next.

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