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    FEATURE: Four lessons from supporting Ethiopia’s Green Climate Fund planning

    What is required in developing projects for the Green Climate Fund? Kirsty Wilson, Principal Consultant – Climate Change, LTS International looks at four key lessons learned from the experience of supporting the Government of Ethiopia prepare a proposal to the Fund.


    FEATURE: What can we learn from CDKN’s Inside Stories on climate compatible development?

    Mairi Dupar reports on some of the top considerations for decision-makers which can be learned from CDKN’s Inside Stories on climate compatible development

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    PROJECT: iCoast – Understanding the fiscal regulatory mechanisms necessary to achieve climate compatible development in the coastal zone

    Coasts are regions of great importance for human well-being and are of national economic importance for coastal states. Coastal ecosystems provide numerous ecosystem services supporting a significant proportion of the world’s population, particularly in developing countries, but are some of the most vulnerable areas to climate change.

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    PROJECT: Achieving triple wins – Identifying climate smart investment strategies for the coastal zone

    This project supports national coastal planners and policy-makers in selecting appropriate adaptation and mitigation priorities for the coastal zone, by helping to identify co-benefits and trade-offs.

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