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LEAD is an international non-profit organisation with a fast growing network of 2000 leaders in more than 90 countries. Their shared mission is to inspire leadership for a sustainable world.

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FEATURE: Pakistan business face big opportunities in low carbon, resilient economy

Investing in low carbon and climate resilient development is the need of the hour and Pakistan businesses have massive opportunities to tap, says Fareeha Ovais, CDKN Asia’s climate finance lead.


OPINION: New climate economy begs for investments in developing countries

Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, CDKN’s Regional Director for Asia, considers how the confronting the impacts of climate change and seizing the opportunities of a green economy pervade almost every aspect of development in the years ahead.

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OPINION: After Paris – “Pakistan has a long way to go to get from intended to implemented” – Ali T. Sheikh

With melting glaciers of the Himalayas threatening the flows of many of its most important rivers, Pakistan has a lot at stake from climate change. Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, CDKN´s Asia Director, examines the challenges and prospects opened up by the Paris Agreement in Pakistan.

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FEATURE: Climate change and women – A view from Pakistan

Climate change is gravely affecting women, says Syed Abubakar. He reports on an expert roundtable on ‘Gender and Climate Vulnerabilities: Future Directions for Policy Research and Action’.

OPINION: Escaping the fuel subsidy trap in Indonesia

Dina Khan, Country Programme Manager, CDKN Asia, takes an in-depth look at President Joko Widodo’s attempts at overhauling Indonesia’s politically sensitive fuel subsidy programme. Will he have better luck than his predecessors?

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