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Institute for Development Studies (IDS)

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a leading global charity for international development research, teaching and communications. IDS was founded in 1966 and enjoys an international reputation based on the quality of its work and its commitment to applying academic skills to real world challenges. Its purpose is to understand and explain the world, and to try to change it – to influence as well as to inform. IDS hosts six dynamic research teams, eight popular postgraduate courses, and a family of world-class knowledge services. These three spheres are integrated in a unique combination – as a development knowledge hub, IDS is connected into and is a convenor of networks throughout the world.

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Video now available: More equality and justice in climate action

Why does gender equality matter in climate related programming? This event, hosted by Sam Bickersteth and Caroline Harper will gather experts from the social development, climate change and disaster risk reduction communities.

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PROJECT: Enhancing institutional arrangements for integrated water, energy and food security in Kenya

This research is examining the current institutional arrangements and challenges regarding integrated water-energy-food planning and decision making in Kenya, within the context of the new Constitution and the tensions regarding powers and functions between national and county level government.

NEWS: Research to boost Kenya’s water, energy and food security

New research by Pegasys Institute, the Institute for Development Studies and Losai Management – and supported by CDKN – will recommend solutions for relieving the pressure on Kenya’s natural resources.


PROJECT: Gender Equality and Climate Compatible Development

The international community has long agreed on the importance of making gender issues a core consideration in international and domestic policy processes. However, in practice, the gender dimension of development, adaptation and mitigation projects has often been ignored or overlooked. When development and climate-related projects do give attention to gender, the discourse tends to focus on two predominant themes.

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NEWS: Survey reveals the views of ordinary Kenyans on climate change

The majority of Kenyans are already experiencing the catastrophic effects of climate change. A study conducted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Nairobi and the Green Africa Foundation, asked ordinary Kenyans about their views on climate change.

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