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ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is an association of over 1220 local government Members who are committed to sustainable development. Our Members come from 70 different countries and represent more than 569,885,000 people. ICLEI is an international association of local governments as well as national and regional local government organizations who have made a commitment to sustainable development. ICLEI provides technical consulting, training, and information services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local government in the implementation of sustainable development at the local level. Our basic premise is that locally designed initiatives can provide an effective and cost-efficient way to achieve local, national, and global sustainability objectives.

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NEWS: CDKN endorses ICLEI’s Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress 2013

The pan-African Congress provides a unique opportunity to engage African local leaders and experts on urban sustainability in Africa.

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PROJECT: Ecosystems-based approaches to building resilience in urban areas: Making the case for a framework for smart decision-making criteria

Ecosystem-based adaptation is listed in the Durban Adaptation Charter as a priority action for local and sub-national governments. This project brings together urban practitioners, policy makers and the scientific community/leading thinkers to draft a “framework” for smart decision-making criteria around Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) and ecosystems management for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

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PROJECT: Subnational climate compatible development – Learning from CDKN’s experience

CDKN is working on a range of initiatives to share learning from our programme to date. One of these is an initiative to capture and synthesise lessons learned from our work at the sub-national level in developing countries.

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FEATURE: When pressure on cities leads to innovation

The challenge for cities in a changing climate is: how to move beyond vulnerability to adaptation, and beyond adaptation to resilience? CDKN’s Pati Leon and Caroline Spencer report from the Second Resilient Cities Congress

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