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PROJECT: Kenya’s geothermal NAMA

Project Reference: TAAF-0046

The Government of Kenya has submitted an ambitious NAMA proposal to the UNFCCC registry. This project supported the Government in implementing the NAMA. [more...]

INSIDE STORY: Harnessing geothermal energy: The case of Kenya

Kenya’s heavy reliance on hydroelectricity production has made the country vulnerable to climate change impacts, such as drought and erratic rainfall patterns. Energy sector reforms in Kenya are beginning to stimulate and fast-track the country’s geothermal industry in line with the country’s vision of climate compatible development. [more...]

OUTLOOK: Edition five, November 2012

CDKN’s quarterly newsletter ‘Climate and Development Outlook’ provides information on CDKN’s projects and shows the work that’s underway to deliver climate compatible development in countries around the world. [more...]

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