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Future Climate For Africa

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    NEWS: New evidence to better inform infrastructure investments in Central and Southern Africa

    The four-year UMFULA research project has made substantial advances in understanding the current and future climate of central and southern Africa. Declan Conway of the Grantham Research Institute discusses how critical it is to know how climate risk may affect major infrastructural investments being planned and implemented in the region. 

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    FEATURE: Film-making to support agri-extension in Uganda

    A new initiative under Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) is using film-making to improve communications between farmers and government officials in Uganda. Leonie Joubert reports.

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    OPINION: How can climate science inform decision-making in Zambia?

    Bettina Koelle of Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre explores how climate science, despite its complexity and elements of uncertainty, can inform decision-making in Zambia.