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    FEATURE: Tailoring a Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) programme for the African continent

    Gracia Munganga looks at energy policy and emissions pathways in Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia, and the potential for a ‘MAPS approach’ to development and mitigation on the African continent in the light of recent research.

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    NEWS: Workshop drives south-south collaboration in modelling the costs of mitigation actions

    A group of southern research institutions are breaking new ground in understanding the socio-economic costs of mitigation actions, like carbon taxes, on national economies.

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    MAPS emerges as an alternative approach for green growth strategising in Africa

    Anthony Dane reports on recent research that shows potential for MAPS to support green growth strategising in Africa.

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    OPINION: Opportunities for mitigation and development planning in Rwanda

    Gracia Munganga considers whether a stakeholder-driven scenarios modelling process can assist Rwanda in realising its developmental and environmental goals.

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