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    PROJECT: Quisqueya Dialogue

    This project will create a capacity building hub on the island of Hispaniola to increase capacity in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

    PROJECT: Acting together for bold outcomes phase 2

    The overarching aim of this project was to increase the effectiveness of the progressive voice in the negotiations by bringing together developing countries that show leadership (or the potential for leadership) within the negotiations.

    NEWS: Greater diversity the best way to gain climate consensus

    Mairi Dupar reports the outcome of lively debate hosted by PwC and CDKN on “Is international consensus on climate change the way to save the planet?”

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    PROJECT: Acting together for bold outcomes – support for upcoming meeting of like-minded countries in Mexico

    This project supported a meeting in Mexico of like-minded countries who are working for an ambitious climate change deal. The support provided by CDKN was for the workshop itself and related documents, which acted as a springboard for further work to build an alliance of ambition that cuts across Latin American and African countries, small islands states and least developed countries.

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    POLICY BRIEF: Shaping the Durban platform: Latin America and the Caribbean in a future high ambition deal

    This policy brief, produced by Energeia and supported by CDKN, discusses the outcomes and implications of CoP-17 for the Latin American region.