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    INSIDE STORY: Future Proofing of an Indian City – Lessons from Madurai

    Future proofing is an innovative approach to strengthen the ‘blue-green infrastructure’ of cities to cope with urbanisation and climate change. A new ‘Inside Story on Climate Compatible Development’ from the DHAN Foundation explores how they engaged broad swathes of the community in Madurai, India, to begin future proofing the city.

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    NEWS: Madurai city launches first ‘Future Proofing’ Action Plan in India

    Madurai City in Tamil Nadu, India has identified an integrated set of actions to tackle current and future development and climate risks facing infrastructure in the city.

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    FEATURE: ‘Water Walks’ in Madurai

    Janet Miller (Atkins), Jayaraj Sundaresan, (UCL), and A. Madhan Kumar, (Dhan Foundation) discuss how ‘Water Walks’ along Madurai’s rivers are opening minds and prompting collective decision-making for ‘future proofing’ the city

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