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    OPINION: How Kenya can turn its gender and climate change commitments into reality

    Kenya has strongly promoted gender equity and women’s participation in climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes. Emma Bowa of CARE Kenya talked to CDKN’s Giovanna Grandoni about whether these aspirations have translated into reality.

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    FEATURE: Erratic rainfall makes the future uncertain

    Kevin Henry, Project Manager of CARE’s ‘Where the Rain Falls’ project interviews farmer and research participant Napandaela Nicodemu, about what it means to live with uncertain rainfall.

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    FEATURE: Understanding how rainfall affects food security and migration

    How does climate variability, especially changes in rainfall patterns, affect the livelihoods of rural households in developing countries? CARE and the UN University explore this and many other rainfall, food security questions in their initiative, Where the Rain Falls.

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    PROJECT: Scaling up climate resilience with Partners for Resilience (PfR)

    CDKN is working with the Partners for Resilience (PfR), a unique alliance between three humanitarian/development organisations and two environment/climate centres of expertise, to scale up the best practices of the partners in Asia.

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