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    FEATURE: The A-B-C-D of rural electrification

    A systematised approach to a CDKN-supported project has seen the promising demonstration of an off-grid, rural power service model in Uganda. Dr Alastair Livesey, Managing Director of Africa Power, explains how the CDKN pilot project provided power services to a wide range of customers based on its A-B-C-D Rural Electrification model.

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    PROJECT: Testing synergies in distributed renewable village power in Africa

    This project is designed to demonstrate the viability of building a renewable energy mini-grid system from the bottom up.


    PROJECT: Business Partnerships Programme

    Businesses are critical to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, adapting to the effects of a changing climate and creating green jobs and economic growth – together these can lead to ‘climate compatible’ development (CCD). But breaking into new markets and scaling up climate related products and services can be hampered by barriers such as a lack of knowledge and skills, access to finance or limited demand.