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Action Research on Community Adaptation in Bangladesh

ARCAB is a long-term partnership of action-research on community based adaptation (CBA) in five major ecosystems in Bangladesh. The international programme involves a numbers of Action-Partners and Research-Partners. The programme is manages by the International Institute of Environment and Development and the UK and Bangladesh Centre for Advance Studies (BCAS).

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    OPINION: Empowering communities to monitor the impact of their work

    Saleemul Haq reflects on how a programme supported by CDKN in Bangladesh is spreading an innovative new bottom-up approach to monitoring and evaluating community based adaptation

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    PROJECT: Monitoring and evaluating community-based adaptation

    This project will design a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) system for climate change interventions at the ground level. The tool will help to assess the effectiveness of community adaptation projects in Bangladesh, and may be replicated in other countries.