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Acclimatise is a specialist risk management company providing world-class expertise in dealing with climate risks. They bridge the gap between the latest scientific developments and real world decision-making, helping clients to interpret this knowledge within the context of their own strategies, processes, capabilities and stakeholders.

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PROYECTO: Conocimiento generado de la Investigación en el Caribe

El objetivo principal es desarrollar materiales de comunicación y conocimiento que sean estratégicos y que reflejen los resultados de diferentes programas de investigación que CDKN a apoyado en la región.

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FEATURE: Climate funds face tension between country ownership and pressure to disburse funding

Virginie Fayolle, a Senior Economist at Acclimatise, explores some of the tensions between international climate funds’ drive to disburse funding and the standards and procedures required of their developing country recipients. This is the first blog from a CDKN learning programme on what makes a ‘bankable’ climate project.

INSIDE STORY: Embedding climate change resilience in coastal city planning: Early lessons from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

This brief summarises the process that led to the creation of ‘Guidelines for Adaptation to Climate Change in Cartagena de Indias’, and highlights how they lay the foundation for a full municipal adaptation plan.

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FEATURE: What can we learn from CDKN’s Inside Stories on climate compatible development?

Mairi Dupar reports on some of the top considerations for decision-makers which can be learned from CDKN’s Inside Stories on climate compatible development

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INSIDE STORY: Seizing the sunshine – Barbados’ thriving solar water heater industry

Barbados has saved millions of dollars in imported fossil fuel costs and millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, thanks to its embrace of solar water heating technology. This CDKN ‘Inside story on climate compatible development’ explores how it has happened.

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