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As of January 2015, CDKN is a £120 million programme supporting decision-makers in developing countries to design and deliver climate compatible development. The programme has delivered significant research, impact and results in its first five years.

CDKN has now reached a point in its journey where it is moving on from being an Anglo-Dutch funded programme, to becoming a multi-donor funded organisation. Our Anglo (DFID) and Dutch (DGIS) partners are encouraging us to seek additional new funding partners to ensure CDKN’s long-term sustainability. This is an endorsement of both how far we have come and the continued and growing need for our services.

We are inviting new partners to join us on this journey – drawing on all that CDKN has to offer. As of September 2016, CDKN has received funds from 12 donors, and we are excited to keep reaching out to existing and new partners to forge further relationships, collaborations and funding opportunities for both the short and long term.

If your organisation or programme would like to explore opportunities to collaborate with CDKN and move towards new funding opportunities, please contact Sam Bickersteth, CDKN Chief Executive or Ali Cambray, CDKN Future Funding Lead via

We look forward to hearing from you!

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