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How we support developing country climate negotiators


In September 2011, UK Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell, MP announced the launch of a UK government initiative to support Least Developed Countries in international climate talks. CDKN will manage this negotiations support fund, the climate window of the Advocacy Fund.

We are in the mobilisation stage of the climate window of the Advocacy Fund  and our early priority is that CDKN prioritises support to develop capacity in the least developed and most vulnerable countries.  This means engaging with:

1. The formal UNFCCC negotiating groups representing those countries

2. Key issue/interest and defined geographical groups in the negotiations

3. Broader legal and technical capacity development

At the national level CDKN will, as an extension of our Technical Assistance engagements, aim to identify key sovereign negotiating issues for our partners – and help them to take them to the negotiations through the various fora available to them.

We will not be able to prioritise funding requests from countries that have no formal role in the negotiations, or where there is no existing CDKN engagement. In exceptional circumstances, we will consider funding country governments who suffer a critical capacity gap that prevents a key perspective from being heard in the negotiations.

As with all CDKN engagements we are demand-led.  So we need to receive demands from the relevant group chairs, national coordinators and focal points.