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The procurement function for CDKN is run by a dedicated commercial team within PwC. This team is responsible for the letting and management of contracts in relation to CDKN projects and for risk management across our commercial activities.

The procurement team works with project managers and suppliers to scope and develop project ideas through a range of competitive processes. The role of the procurement team is to drive value for money, quality and the management of risk throughout the competitive process.

The team reaches out to the market through a variety of routes to gather specialist input into CDKN projects and to find market driven responses and solutions. CDKN engages with both existing and potential suppliers to the network.

The procurement team is structured on a regional basis and located at our head office in London. This structure allows the team to have close relationships with our regional offices and suppliers.

Our commitment to suppliers:

  • We aim to run the CDKN Procurement function in a way that is both fair and transparent.
  • The majority of our projects are advertised publically through the CDKN website, our newsletter and other networks as appropriate.
  • Project proposals are judged on the basis of evaluation criteria which will be shared with potential suppliers upfront to enable them to construct their proposals accordingly.
  • We are committed to providing constructive feedback to unsuccessful suppliers, where requested, both for the sake of transparency and to help suppliers to understand how they might be able to improve their bids in the future.
  • We are committed to increasing our supplier base in developing countries wherever possible.
  • Our procurement documentation will be as clear and concise as possible.
  • We will indicate clearly and concisely the actions we will take in considering your tender to become one of our suppliers.
  • Correspondence from potential suppliers will be responded to in a swift and professional manner.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained in respect of commercially sensitive information.

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Standard documents (follow the links to download the relevant PDFs)

CDKN Contract Terms & Conditions

CDKN is an alliance of organisations led by PwC. All contracts for CDKN work are held with PwC Services Ltd and the associated terms and conditions contain some obligations that are flow downs from PwC’s head contract with DFID. If a supplier is bidding for funds under the CDKN programme they will be expected to accept our terms and conditions without amendment.

CDKN Expenses Policy for Suppliers

All CDKN suppliers must comply with the CDKN expenses policy. Expenses are only reimbursed to suppliers on the basis of receipted actuals.

CDKN Supplier Invoice Template

This is a template which contains all the information that CDKN requires from suppliers to process an invoice. Suppliers can of course use their own format but these invoices need to include all the relevant information.

CDKN Non Disclosure Agreement

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) must be signed by all potential CDKN suppliers and two hard copies sent to us for countersignature. This agreement allows CDKN and the supplier to have discussions about the project and potential contract before a contract is signed. Without a signed NDA we are unable to issue a contract to a supplier.


All whistle-blowing activity will be treated in the strictest confidence; we guarantee absolute anonymity and will ensure that all claims are investigated both thoroughly and fairly.

Recent contracts

Between April 2013 and April 2014, CDKN awarded 164 contracts to suppliers for projects related to climate compatible development around the world.