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How CDKN uses your personal data: Enewsletter terms and conditions

19 April 2018 

The law is changing.

CDKN is working to comply with new European laws about the use of personal data, and we don’t want to lose touch with you.

If you want to keep receiving CDKN’s enewsletters after May 2018, you’ll need to sign up again. 

If you do not sign up again, we will stop mailing you in May 2018. We will automatically unsubscribe you in May and we will not hold your details in our database.

The fine print – make sure you know our terms and conditions:

Until now, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) controlled the subscriber data for the CDKN enewsletter. We are based in London, United Kingdom. Our current contact details are Our general contact details are:

You might have also heard the exciting news that the leadership of the CDKN programme is changing – to developing country leadership.The CDKN programme is now led by our partners at SouthSouthNorth, a registered non-profit organisation in the Republic of South Africa, based in Cape Town.

When you sign up again, your details will be held jointly by ODI (as above) and by SouthSouthNorth. SouthSouthNorth’s details for data-holding and data control are Their general contact details are at:

If you sign up again, the communications team at ODI and at SouthSouthNorth will have access to your sign-up details. We do not share your enewsletter subscription data with anyone else. We do look to see how many people are opening our emails but do not use this data to profile you individually.

We will come back to you by 2021 to renew your consent.

You may withdraw your consent to be our mailing list at any time.

We will retain your data until you unsubscribe.

We will only send you postal mail when we have sought your additional permission by email, as we don’t keep details of physical mailing addresses on our database.

You can contact the Data Protection Officer to exercise any of your Data Protection rights, including complaints, or contact the regulator, and if you have any concerns that you feel we have not addressed.

To keep receiving CDKN newsletters after May 2018, tell us you are fine with these terms and conditions and sign up again using the simple form: