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Quebec Cap and Trade System

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Synonyms: Sistema de capitalização e comércio de Quebec, Quebec Cap-and-Trade System, Sistema de límite y comercialización de Quebec

A cap and trade system sets an overall emissions limit, allocates emissions allowances to participants, and allows them to trade emissions credits with each other. California recently launched its cap-and-trade program, which uses a market-based mechanism to lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHGI, 2014). CA-QC Practice Auction Notice (July 29, 2014) Attachment A Attachment B Access the GHG Allowance Auction & Reserve Sale Platform News September 21, 2014 public consultation on the Draft regulation to amend the Regulation respecting a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emission allowances (July 24, 2014) New - California-Québec Practice Auction Second Update Issued July 15, 2014 (July 18, 2014, PDF, 31 KB) Linked California and Québec Cap-and-Trade Programs Compliance Instrument Report (July 11, 2014, PDF, 27 KB) California – Québec Practice Auction Update (June 30, 2014, PDF, 46 KB) Previous news Documentation (Publications, forms, regulations, etc.) Frequently asked questions about the cap-and-trade (C&T) system ( PDF, 412 KB) A new era in Québec’s fight against climate change dawned on January 1, 2013, when the first compliance period for Québec’s Cap-and-trade System for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Allowances (C&T system) got under way. Québec has thus become one of the carbon market pioneers of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI). (Province of Quebec, 2014)

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Quebec Cap and Trade System Allowance

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