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livelihood diversification

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Synonyms: income diversification, Diversifikation der Lebensgrundlagen, diversification des revenus, diversificações de lucro, diversificación de ingresos

Income and livelihood diversification gives people in developing countries new opportunities to work in industries other than such that are contribution to climate change like extensive and illegal felling. It also thought to help a community gain more resilience when dealing with the impacts of climate change by giving them a wider choice of occupations.
A livelihood compromises the capabilities, assets (stores, claims, access), and activities required to make a living.

Income diversification through mitigation or adaptation projects, like in renewable energies.

Related terms:
community-based adaptation, adaptation for food security, adaptive capacity, infrastructure proofing, sustainable markets, sustainable livelihoods, new resource opportunities, green jobs, social benefits

Broader terms:
sustainable job creation, non-carbon benefits

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