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anthropogenic climate change

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Synonyms: AGW, anthropogenic global warming, man-made climate change, von Menschen verursachter Klimawandel, réchauffement planétaire anthropique, aquecimento global antropongénico, alterações climáticas pela mão do homem, cambio global antropogénico, cambio climático originado por el hombre

Human activities are adding greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, to the atmosphere, which are enhancing the natural greenhouse effect. While the natural greenhouse effect is keeping average temperature on earth at about +15°C, this enhanced greenhouse effect is leading to a dangerous degree of global warming. A fast rise in average temperature of Earth could result in rising sea levels, melted glaciers, floods, droughts and other hazardous scenarios. This is why mitigation and adaptation to anthropogenic climate change is so important.

climate change as in recent anthropogenic global warming

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climate change

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