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Synonyms: LFFE, green economy, low-carbon economy, low-fossil-fuel economy, LCE, grüne Wirtschaft, umweltfreundliche Wirtschaft, umweltverträgliche Wirtschaft, emissionsarme Wirtschaft, économie à faibles émissions de carbone, économie verte, economia verde, economia de baixo carbono, economia de combustível fóssil baixo, economía ecológica, economía de bajo carbono, economía de bajo combustible fósil, EBC

A green economy is a economy or economic development model based on sustainable development and a knowledge of ecological economics

Related terms:
mitigation economic potential, limits to growth, barriers to sustainability, sustainable production, GDP per unit of energy use, carbon tax, sustainable consumption

Broader terms:
sustainable markets, economic dimension of Green Growth

Narrower terms:
green technology, sustainable job creation, corporate social responsibility

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