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hydropower turbines

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Synonyms: hydroelectric turbines, Wasserkraftturbinen, hydroelektrische Turbine

A turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from a fluid flow. The simplest turbines have one moving part, a rotor assembly, which is a shaft with blades attached. Moving fluid acts on the blades, or the blades react to the flow, so that they rotate and impart energy to the rotor. Early turbine examples are windmills and water wheels.

Related terms:
pit turbines, spiral turbines, Ossberger cross-flow turbines, s-bulb turbines, bulb turbines, archimedes screws, pelton turbines, hydropower plants

Broader terms:
powerhouses, hydropower components

Narrower terms:
guiding wheels, impellers, kaplan turbines, free-jet turbines, cross-flow turbines, Francis turbines, impulse turbines, pump turbines

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