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Synonyms: economic modelling for adapation, modèles économiques, modelos económicos, modelos econômicos

A model is a representation of a concept, hypothesis, observed relationships, or even reality. Models may be conceptual, physical, analogue, graphical, quantitative or qualitative, mathematical, equilibrium or dynamic, analytical, simulation, computerised, statistical, stochastic, deterministic, black box, process-based or causal, validated (or not), wrong but rarely right! Climate forecasting, impact assessment and decision-making employs the full diversity of modelling approaches. (UKCIP, 2003)

(UKCIP, 2003)

Related terms:
economic modelling

Broader terms:
economic analysis

Narrower terms:
Contingent Valuation Method, Projection of impacts, Computable General Equilibrium Models, partial equilibrium models, optimization models, positive models, discrete choice models, bottom-up models, top-down models, global integrated assessment models, quantitative estimates, probabilities density function, business pathway models, statistical models, agricultural economic models, Oceanic General Circulation Model, Atmospheric General Circulation Model, IIASA BLS modeling component, special equilibrium model, United Kingdom’s Meteorological Office, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - QFlux forecasts, Goddard Institute of Space Studies, General Circulation Model, general equillibrium models

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