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Synonyms: cost-benefit analysis, benefit-cost analysis, análise custo-benefício, CBAs, benefit cost analysis, ACB, analyse coût-bénéfice, analyse bénéfice-coût, analyse avantage-coût, análisis de costos en relación a los beneficios

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA). A term used to describe the rigorous and consistent appraisal of the merits associated with each option by quantifying in monetary terms as many costs and benefits as possible, including items for which the market does not provide a satisfactory measure of value. CBA is designed to aid the selection of the options with the greatest excess of benefits over the costs and allows the choice of options to be refined. The method requires the use of a common unit, which may be monetary, and may require the use of valuation methods. A key feature of CBA is that it accounts for costs and benefits arising in different time periods, by the use of discounting techniques (see later), which emphasise the values of present and near-future costs and benefits over more distant costs and benefits.

(UKCIP, 2003)

Broader terms:
cost sharing

Narrower terms:
co-benefits, benefit cost, net present value, discount rate, appraisal tools, analysis of adaptation options, benefits of adaptation

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