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Take Lead – mapping the green frontier, Green Growth Leaders

Take Lead: A two day event, documents, demonstrates and communicates the best examples of green growth, the socioeconomic benefits of urban green initiatives and explores the new business opportunities that green growth can offer businesses and cities.

The green growth economy will not just look like the fossil fuel economy but with a load of wind power. Instead, it will create a technological and economic transformation like to those of the emergence of railroads or the Internet. At Take Lead you will gain knowledge on new technologies and businesses, and have the possibility to network with professionals across sectors. You will take part in mapping the new green frontier and your work will fed into global decision forums like the EU, C40, Rio+20, UN Global Compact and the report “State of the Green Economy”. Registration for the conference can be done at

CDKN guest blogger Hannah Ryder (DFID), reviewed the recent report from Green Growth Leaders in May.

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