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IPCC SROCC side event at African Climate Risks Conference

09 October 2019

Title: IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Oceans and the Cryosphere: Presentation and policy response

Date: 9 October 2019

Time: 11:00 – 13:00


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Oceans and the Cryosphere – due to be released in September 2019 — assesses literature relevant to climate change and the oceans and the cryosphere,
especially since the Fifth Assessment Report.

The Special Report covers: the role of ocean and cryosphere in the climate system; including key feedbacks and time scales; implications of climate-related ocean and cryosphere change for resources, natural systems (e.g., change and loss of habitat,
extinctions), human systems (e.g., psychological, social, political, cultural and economic aspects), and vulnerability assessments, adaptation limits, and residual risks; solutions, including policy options and governance, and linkages to relevant institutional and policy contexts (e.g., the UNFCCC, Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, Sendai Framework); and the relevance to marginalised areas and people (including women).

Of particular relevance to the scientists, policy-makers and development practitioners attending the Africa Climate Risk Assessment Conference will be the Special Report’s findings on Sea Level Rise and Implications for Low Lying Islands, Coasts and Communities and Changing Ocean, Marine Ecosystems, and Dependent Communities.

In this seminar, IPCC Coordinating Lead Author James Kairo will present the Special Report’s headline findings. Dr Kairo is currently a Chief Scientist at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute; and coordinator of mangrove research in Kenya. Dr Kairo has vast working experience on the conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable utilisation of coastal and marine resources, which has earned him several national and international awards.

The seminar will continue by providing a platform for a range of African policy-makers, business and civil society leaders to respond formally to the Special Report’s findings – by discussing its implications for key development decisions that are being made in sub-Saharan Africa now – particularly on exposed coastlines.

Professor Chris Gordon of the University of Ghana shall provide a commentary on the resonance of the IPCC Special Report’s issues with current development priorities in Ghana and will, furthermore, comment on key evidence gaps in the Special Report and promising directions for new research. Other speakers to be confirmed.

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