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Resilient Cities Congress 2011

Resilient Cities Congress will convene local leaders to debate climate change

CDKN is pleased to be an endorsing partner of the Resilient Cities Congress, a seminal gathering of municipal leaders in Bonn, Germany to address the challenges of climate change. The Congress takes place from 3-5 June 2011 and is convened by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, the City of Bonn, and the World Mayors Council on Climate Change.

More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. Many of these cities, including some of the world’s mega-cities, are located on shipping and trading routes on major rivers and in coastal areas. As climate change causes more frequent extreme weather events– floods, droughts, storms – and sea level rise, these impacts are felt acutely in geographically vulnerable cities. Cities’ human geography – their dense populations and, in developing countries, their concentration of poor and marginal populations– presents special challenges for climate adaptation.

CDKN is already working with the local authorities in Quito, Ecuador and Cartagena, Colombia, to assess those cities’ vulnerability to climate change and to develop robust adaptation plans. For this reason, CDKN will play an active role at the Resilient Cities Congress 2011, and we fully endorse the Congress’ aims, which are:

  • To secure the latest, most groundbreaking information on strategies to build urban resilience worldwide;
  • To showcase innovative solutions developed at the local level;
  • To strengthen partnership networks among provide leading international organisations, local government leaders and representatives of the private sector.

Please visit the Resilient Cities Congress website to register to attend, and to view details of the programme.

Visit CDKN’s website again to view our updates from the Resilient Cities Congress in June.

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