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Peru: InterCLIMA 2012

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The central topic of the first InterCLIMA is Climate Risk Management. It is expected that InterCLIMA becomes the platform in which civil society, academia, private sector and the different levels of government demonstrate progress in climate change management, as well as the challenges and needs identified during the process.

Who participates in InterCLIMA?

  • Minister of Environment (MINAM)
  • Sectors
  • Loacal and regional governments
  • Communal leaders
  • University and scientific institutions
  • International cooperation
  • NGOs and other civil society organizations
  • Companies
  • Young leaders

Goals of InterCLIMA

  • To socialize experiences, progress and challenges regarding climate change at different governmental levels.
  • To deepen the discussion and reflection regarding climate change, and to generate guidelines and recommendations for future action.
  • To consolidate the requirements of science versus practical experience in the field.
  • To identify key aspects that require in-depth analysis (to establish a future national agenda, as well as an agenda for InterCLIMA) and the priorities for intervention.
  • To establish collaboration and exchange mechanisms between experiences in the Andes and at international level.

After InterCLIMA 2012 summit, it is expected to obtain an Annual Report of the progress, challenges, priorities and orientations for climate change management in the country.

Useful information about InterCLIMA 2012
Dates: 29, 30 and 31 October 2012
Location: Swissotel – Via Central 150, Centro Empresarial Real – San Isidro- Peru
For further inquiries:
Telephone: (+511) 611 6000 extension 1642
How to participate:
The event will be broadcasted live, through InterCLIMA’s official webpage:
All the information regarding the program, presentations and results will be available to the public through InterCLIMA’s official webpage.

Download brochure of InterCLIMA

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