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OpenClimate community call on climate change knowledge gaps

25 May 2021

What content gap questions are the Open movement missing in relation to the climate crisis?

May 25, 2021 10am ET (4pm SAST)

Facilitator: Evelin Heidel

Presenters: Lisa McNamara, CDKN; Alex Stinson, Wikimedia

Talking points:

  1. Where do we see knowledge gaps and audiences needing access to information?
  2. How is the global picture different from local geographies or in local languages?

About the OpenClimate calls

From March-September 2021, a pilot series of “OpenClimate” calls will be convened with the aim of understanding the relationship of the open movement to the climate crisis. Each call will be facilitated by one of the conveners and will start with 1-2 quick talks meant to prompt additional conversation. For more information, visit:

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