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CDKN in Rio: Mainstreaming climate change into sustainable urban planning

In this panel at the IIED Fair Ideas Conference, CDKN will share its experiences of integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation into sustainable urban planning, drawing on lessons from its projects.

We will be exploring the questions:

What do we know about cities’ vulnerability to climate change, and what are the gaps in our knowledge?

What are some of the best ways of cultivating stakeholder understanding and buy-in to the urban resilience agenda?

What type of research, technical assistance, governance innovation and knowledge-sharing would assist municipal decision-makers in building climate resilience?

Ari Huhtala, Director of Policy and Programmes, CDKN

Claudia Martinez, Colombia Country Engagement Leader, CDKN
Daniele Cesano, REDEH
Maria Eugenia di Paola, Executive Director, Fundacion Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN)
Thais Coral, Founder of  Communication, Education, and Information on Gender (CEMINA)

Luciana Travasos, Professor in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sao Paulo (TBC)
Private sector contribution (TBC)
Ali Sheikh,  CDKN Asia Network Director and Chief Executive Officer of Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD,  Pakistan

Watch the highlights from the event.

Image of Cartagena, Colombia – site of a CDKN urban resilience project – courtesy of SPDA.

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