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Event: Making informed decisions to prepare for extreme weather events in India

The Raising Risk Awareness (RRA) project is assessing whether climate change has contributed to extreme weather events such as floods and heatwaves in India and other countries in Africa.

In collaboration with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the Raising Risk Awareness team is hosting a one-day event. This event will focus on outlining the science of extreme event attribution and the results of the Chennai Floods in 2015 and the North Indian heatwave analysis and focus on the implications for policy making and resilience efforts following such events.

The event will focus on the results on the attribution studies of the 2015 Chennai floods and the North Indian Heat Wave; panel discussions on attribution science and its relevance for disaster planning and resilience building; mixed group small table discussions on how to apply attribution science in your work. It will also explore opportunities to work on attribution science, communication and application in India in the future and be followed by a networking reception.

Check back here for resources from the event.

Image credit: Asian Development Bank/Flickr


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