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Climate and Development Knowledge Brokers Workshop

Encouraging closer collaboration between knowledge platforms

CDKN, in collaboration with GIZ and PIK-Postdam, is convening a Knowledge Brokers Workshop in Eschborn, Germany, from 3-5 June 2011. This will bring together around 20 of the leading global and regional initiatives involved in online knowledge brokerage work on climate and development, including a mix of web portals and other knowledge sharing platforms.

There is a widespread recognition that access to reliable information and data, and the ability to share lessons and experience, are key ingredients in tackling climate change. This is a particular priority for developing countries where the dual challenges of climate change and social and economic development are intimately connected.  Over the past decade, quite a number of websites, portals and online networking platforms have been set up to take on this ‘knowledge brokerage’ role, and more are being launched every year.

But the ‘knowledge infrastructure’ within the climate and development sphere is still weak.  Initiatives tend to operate in isolation from each other, and for many users it is hard to make sense of the proliferation of information available.

The overarching objective of the workshop is to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing within the sector, in order to help reduce duplication of effort and better meet the needs of developing country information users.  Specific objectives will be to:

  • Build bridges between and within the development, climate adaptation, mitigation, and climate finance worlds, and between global and regional initiatives.
  • Find out about the approaches being taken, and the distinctive niches that different initiatives fill.
  • Compare notes on challenges faced and the recurring factors that constrain the effectiveness of online initiatives, and share ideas on how they can be addressed.
  • Discuss modalities for closer collaboration between existing knowledge initiatives, and assess which would be most effective and realistic.
  • Agree on what concrete steps would be feasible and appropriate to take this agenda forward in future.

A full report on the outcomes of the workshop, including a ‘map’ of the niches that different initiatives are filling, will be published on the CDKN website soon after the workshop.

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