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CDKN Action Lab – join online!

The CDKN Action Lab is a cutting-edge, action-orientated programme, stimulating innovation on climate change and development.

The event brings together a dynamic group of 150 participants drawn from academia, government, civil society, NGOs, donors and the private sector from around the world.

CDKN believes it is increasingly important to convene diverse groups to catalyse new and collective responses to the challenges of climate change and development.

During the Lab, we are exploring several themes, including:

  • building governance and policy approaches for climate compatible development
  • forging public-private and/or multi-sectoral partnerships
  • engineering climate finance and market mechanisms
  • enabling technological and/or social innovation
  • using science and evidence to inform development policy and practice

Participation in the CDKN Action Lab is free of charge and CDKN has provided a budget to cover travel costs and accommodation for developing country participants.

Researchers participating in the CDKN Action Lab will have the chance to work on action-research ideas and then apply to CDKN’s Research Innovation Fund. The fund is designed to allow quick, flexible support for new research initiatives, and to fund add-ons to existing climate and development initiatives. We expect to support a variety of research outputs including assistance for post-graduate projects, innovative ideas from emerging leaders in the field, and a small number of collaborative, multi-year programmes.

Applications for the Action Lab are now closed. If you would like to receive more information, sign-up to our newsletter in the top right-hand corner of this page.

NEW – list of speakers now available – CLICK HERE

NEW – we have set up an online community where you can talk about the ideas and projects we’ll be discussing at the Action Lab. Follow this link, where you’ll need to sign up to 2degrees, and then you can join CDKN Action Lab online.


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