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Climate and Development Outlook: Indonesia Special Edition

Indonesia is experiencing an economic transformation - but at an environmental cost. The government recognises that greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation don't have to accompany economic growth, and CDKN has played a part in facilitating debates about a more 'climate compatible development'. Read the results from CDKN-commissioned research, and insights from our experience in this new 'Climate and Development Outlook: Indonesia Special Edition'. [more...]

OUTLOOK: Ethiopia Special Edition

This edition of Climate and Development Outlook: Stories of change from CDKN – Ethiopia Special Edition takes a tour of CDKN’s programme throughout this diverse country. It features articles on climate finance readiness and options for [more...]

OUTLOOK: Special edition on negotiations support

Developing countries’ profile and influence in international climate talks has risen markedly in the last five years. This edition of CDKN's Climate and Development Outlook news celebrates the achievements of the least developed and most climate-vulnerable countries in the negotiations. [more...]

OUTLOOK: Uganda Special Edition

In the new ‘Climate and Development Outlook: Uganda Special Edition’, Revocatus Twinomuhangi describes the everyday reality of climate change for Ugandans, and the critical policy choices which face the country today. He also catches up with Mr. Chebet Maikut, Commissioner of Uganda’s Climate Change Department. [more...]

OUTLOOK: Indonesia Special Edition

CDKN is convening decision-makers to test and explore the concept of climate-compatible development, particularly in the energy sector and at province, district and city level in Indonesia. This edition of Climate and Development Outlook takes a tour of CDKN's programme throughout this diverse country. [more...]

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