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OUTLOOK: India Special Edition

This 'Climate and Development Outlook - India Special Edition' celebrates CDKN's partnership work in India to expand the evidence base and trial new innovations in climate compatible development, and foster knowledge management solutions. [more...]

OUTLOOK: Caribbean Special Edition

This Special Edition of Climate and Development Outlook highlights leading-edge initiatives in the Caribbean region to design and use decision support tools for climate-resilient development and to research and apply climate solutions. [more...]

OUTLOOK: Nepal Special Edition

Nepal's economy is highly vulnerable to climate change - but the Government has been trialing ways to boost climate resilience in the agriculture, irrigation and hydropower sectors, with CDKN's support. [more...]

OUTLOOK: Pakistan Special Edition

Pakistan is in the midst of high economic growth and major industrial expansion, but it is also highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This special outlook newsletter rounds up CDKN's programme to help set Pakistan on a more climate compatible footing. [more...]

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