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POLICY BRIEF: The 2016/2017 drought in Kenya

This policy brief concludes that, from the climate science perspective, results show the 2016-17 drought in Kenya is less severe than the 2010-11 drought in Lamu, while in Marsabit they are comparable. It provides recommendations for decision-makers to link disaster risk management strategies with climate science. [more...]

POLICY BRIEF: Making energy efficiency markets work

Energy efficiency is the lowest cost way of meeting India’s energy needs and can enable India to decouple rising growth from rising emissions. As a result India announced an ambitious climate change policy to make the Indian economy significantly more energy efficient. [more...]

POLICY BRIEF: Making Indian cities climate smart

India’s policy response to the needs for sustainable, resilient and low-carbon cities is the Smart City Mission that promotes “cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to their citizens, a clean and sustainable environment while applying ‘Smart’ Solutions.” [more...]

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